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SPIRIT 1 Print No: #2 of 25 Signed Limited Edition giclee prints on photorag art paper. Size 20 x 16 in (50x40cm)

Artist: John Jones | Medium: digital painting

Artwork will be shipped (in a tube) within 3-5 working days of your order


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SPIRIT 1 | exhibitition CONSCIOUSNESS | Anima Mundi | Palazzo Ca' Zanardi Venice 2017

Nezu Museum Gardens Tokyo

BIRD 3 Fire | Limited edition of 25 giclee prints on photorag paper 50cm x 40cm

Barcelona Streets Video art installation



PICTURE COATS is the online Gallery of London based artist John Jones.

The images created usually come from my imagination rather than looking at something in front of me. Developing original pencil sketch ideas, I also draw and paint directly on screen, including video and virtual art installation.

The fantastical bird images belong to another world whilst also having a traditional illustrative element.They are available in the gallery store.

In 2006 I created one of the first virtual galleries exhibiting my own work on Youtube.

Exhibitions include Consciousness | Anima Mundi, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice 2017, The Phoenix North London and Gallery/Reading Room Soho. Group shows with Exquisite Trove, Newlyn Gallery Cornwall.

Current work in progress is a picture coat Nefertiti made from thousands of individual stitched coloured pieces. The events happening around the making are documented in a personal heirogyphic code.

It is the "sister" coat to "Akhnaton" which forms part of the V&A Collection

Virtual Exhibition | Leaves No Trace Installation 2010

An artwork of stitched forest leaves, from the trees in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, was created in August 2009. (National Trust / House of Fairy Tales)

It was natural to return the organic art panel to the soil. The "recycle" journey back to the earth from the garden took five months. A video document and animated 3d virtual art environment was created from the event.

The virtual art installation helps to see round corners and leave no footprints.