Festival of Quilts NEC 2011. Judge's comments...........

What fun! Lots of people must have enjoyed drawing and putting this together.

...........................A lively vibrant quilt, a joy to look at. Great fun!

Coloured fabric pens on calico.

Tumbling block patchwork soft coloured suedes

Virtual animated quilt

John Jones Artist
JJ Gallery Patchwork Art
fabulous art quilt
Festival of Quilts NEC
art quilt john jones
patchwork art quilt

John Jones Artist | Maker

The Fabulous Quilt documents family gatherings, meals, celebrations, birthday parties, visitors, visits and chance encounters. The quilt panels were created spontaneously & coloured with fabric marker pens on calico by family, friends, neighbours, people in the streets, local shops and North London community, my favourite Soho bars, visitors to workshops & exhibitions over the last 2 years and random people that came into my life. I asked everyone to draw whatever came into their mind that was fabulous, magical or both. It was on show at the Festival of Quilts NEC August 2011


The Fabulous Quilt is for sale £1200 UK plus shipping. All enquiries Contact the artist