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Clumber Park Nottinghamshire 2009

jj gallery virtual art installation

Leaves No Trace 2010 | Interactive Virtual Art Installation

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Leaves No Trace 2010 | Interactive Virtual Art Installation | John Jones Artist

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JJ Gallery is the online virtual art gallery for John Jones Artist | London


Virtual Art Installation Leaves No Trace






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Virtual Exhibition | Leaves No Trace Installation 2010

An artwork of stitched forest leaves, from the trees in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, was created in August 2009. (National Trust / House of Fairy Tales)

It was natural to return the organic art panel to the soil. The "recycle" journey back to the earth from the garden took five months. A video document and animated 3d virtual art environment was created from the event.

The virtual art installation helps to see round corners and leave no footprints.