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John Jones artist
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Limited Edition Giclee Print | SPIRIT 1

CONSCIOUSNESS Anima Mundi Festival

July 13th - September 3rd - VENICE 2017

Limited Edition Print | BIRD 3 Fire is the Virtual Gallery of London-based artist John Jones. Known for his early picture story coats John's art work has evolved through digital drawing, painting and animation to include online virtual installation.

Limited edition prints developed from his drawings and designs are available in the gallery store.

The Bird Prints form part of a Saatchi Art Collection of drawings/ Surrealism / Fantasy / Digital

Seven stitched leather wall panels were commissioned for the new Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona.

John was one of the first artists to create an animated virtual gallery and post an exhibition of his own work on Youtube 2006.

Exhibitions include The Phoenix North London and Gallery/Reading Room Soho. Group shows in Muswell Hill London and The House of Fairy Tales travelling exhibition Exquisite Trove, New Gallery Walsall & Newlyn Gallery Cornwall.

John Jones Artists Coat "Akhnaton" forms part of the V&A Collection

print no.6 available from the gallery store

Print no.2 of 25 sold by Artrepublic

Print no.5 of 25 sold by Saatchi Art